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How It Works

Stoned Jet Club is a music entertainment social club. Members will be invited to all events and VIP festival lounges as special guests. With future plans of creating the first fan-run, profit-sharing independent music label and an exclusive-drop clothing brand available early to members, we hope to add as much value as possible to your membership.  

Our Vision

Creating A Better Way To Connect 

We want to bring you face-to-face with your favorite artists, and create a comfortable environment for you and other music fans to enjoy. From classy private gatherings, to invite-only underground concerts/raves, we'll have events tailored to anybody's preference

Rap Music Performance

We Are Not An NFT Company

While we are not an NFT company, we are a company that will utilize NFTs for their intended use. Let us explain:


"Heartbroken Penguins With Flowers"
Style Of Banksy

Creating Your 1-of-1 Piece

We will use an AI generated art program to create a 1-of-1 piece in any subject, style and medium of your choosing. You want a picture of Mordor being raided by penguins on the 4th of July in the style of Banksy, drawn as a pencil sketch? You got it! 


"Samurai Temple Cherry Blossoms"
Style Of Johan Grenier In Matte Painting

Minting Your Creation Into An NFT

After you search through hundreds of iterations of this art and choose the right one, it's time to add it to our collection.  


"AI's Version Of God"
Cinema 4D/Steampunk/Cubism

Adding Your Art To Our Collection

Once you've decided on the perfect piece of art, we will have you e-mail it to us to mint into an NFT. Once minted, we will add it to our collection, send it to your secured wallet, and that will be your membership card used to get into all of our exclusive events. If you decide to leave SJC, you will be able to keep your art NFT, but it will be removed from our collection to be replaced with the next member's, denying you entry to any future events or parties.

Our Goals And Roadmap To Success


SJC Is Founded And Funded

For the rest of this year, we will focus on bringing in the right partners and brand ambassadors for the Club. Our presale for the first 1000 memberships will be live at a TBD date in December, followed by our first event in January of next year.


The Year Of The Stoned Jet Club

2023 will be the year that we take over the entertainment industry. Membership drops will be held monthly for those waiting to join, along with brand new exclusive clothing drops with your favorite artists. We will take every opportunity we get to set up anywhere we can to provide you with a great time

Image by Antoine J.
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