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A Little About How We Got Started

       Welcome to the Stoned Jet Club! Like most bartenders and service workers during the pandemic, CEO of SJC Gabe Zagury had been looking for ways to get himself out of the industry. With his history as a performing Hip-Hop artist and recording studio owner, learning about the NFT space gave him a million ideas for ways they can be used to help smaller artists grow and build connections. After linking up with his long time friend Lauren Dutton, a Web 3 specialist and senior developer/software engineer at Epsilon Data Management, they began writing the code for a new type of NFT that could be rented through their website to others. After realizing and truly understanding the volatility of and general distaste for the NFT market, they decided to take a new approach to their financial model to protect not only themselves, but all of the members from any kind of "Crypto Crash", while still using the amazing technology of NFTs. Read more about this in our How It Works section!

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